Mission: To inspire and promote our community growth as a physical anchor; social, wellness, and service program provider, as well as a thought leader.

The Kingsley Association has a rich history of providing needed services to children, youth and their families. The Kingsley Association was established in 1893 for the purpose of providing services to working class ethnic families of Pittsburgh, first from the Kingsley House in the Strip district and then the Lower Hill. Kingsley facilities have been located in Larimer and East Liberty since 1919. Kingsley operated the Lillian Taylor Camp in Valencia, Pennsylvania from 1902 till its closure in 2006.

Over the years, Kingsley has provided a variety of programs to neighborhood residents in East Liberty, Larimer, and other East End communities. Programs have included boy’s/ girl’s clubs, a literary society, infant care programs, music lessons, cooking and home economics classes, swimming, basketball, boxing, senior citizen classes, personal charm courses for young women, arts and crafts classes, camping, Office of Economic Opportunity programs, educational and career guidance, placement service and training for students at area colleges, community organization service for citizens groups, and involvement in the construction of homes for low and moderate income families.

Our goal is to engage community residents and stakeholders around the Larimer Vision Plan, sustainability training, and community partnerships and events. We want to be sure that the community’s is the strongest voice in Larimer’s continued improvement.

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