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Christopher Carter

As a Pittsburgh native, Chris grew up in the Homewood/Point Breeze area with a family that always taught him to find ways to contribute to the community however he could. While Chris was working to graduate from Cheyney University with a major in political science, he worked as a student organizer on several campaigns and projects to better the nation's first HBCU. When he returned to Pittsburgh to graduate from the University of Pittsburgh's School of Law, Chris made sure to be involved with several groups where he could provide assistance and help build relationships that could provide aid and resources to different organizations, causes and community projects.
Today, he works as a sports journalist for several organizations, such as WPXI, the Locked on Podcast Network, DKPittsburgh Sports, Steeler Nation Radio, and others. Chris used the relationships he's built there to help provide experiences for high school students at the Community Empowerment Association to attend Steelers training camp and other opportunities of exposure.
Chris is honored to aid the Kingsley Association as another important organization to the fabric of our community.

Term: 6/1/2022-6/1/2024 (1st term)
Committee Assignments: Development

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