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About Us

Are you looking for a program that strengthens your parenting and child development skills?

Connect with us today and let us show you what the Family Center can do for you!

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Keep scrolling to learn more about the resources we provide and our programming!

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Our Mission

To provide a safe, nurturing environment for all families where governance and collaboration are key. To help parents be their personal best and do the best for their children. 


Services include:

  • Parent/Child Activities

  • PA Diaper Bank

  • Goal Setting

  • Early Child Development through Family Check Up

Referral Services include:

  • Housing Assistance

  • Basic Needs

  • Education & Employment

  • Community & Family

  • Health Resources

  • Neighborhood Legal

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Our programs

Hello Baby

Hello Baby is a program aimed at helping families access various supports. As the East Liberty Family Center's Hello Baby Coordinator, Bryanna Gregg can guide you to resources like food and diaper banks, housing, benefits, and job assistance. We offer parenting groups, child development resources, and fun activities to connect with other families. Your baby will be eligible to receive developmental 'Year of Cheer' boxes every three months. Overall, Hello Baby offers comprehensive support for both you and your baby.

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Parent Advisory Council 

Welcome to the PAC , as members of the Parent Advisory Council, we advocate for you and our program. We welcome you to be part of an exciting, inclusive, diverse, and always growing family participation-based program. We meet monthly to discuss past activities, report on updates to the program, invite guest speakers on current event/hot topics, and review our upcoming schedule. We focus on developing and sustaining effective Parent Advisory Committees.


Senior Fun Day

The seniors' program is rich with activities, including regular game days for fun and socializing. We also host speakers to educate on topics like health, dementia, and finances, and hold open discussion days for free-flowing conversations. Additionally, every three months, we celebrate the seniors' birthdays, adding a touch of festivity to the program. This mix of educational and entertaining activities creates an engaging and supportive environment for the seniors.

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Men's Fellowship

The Kingsley and Steel Smiling Men's group meets monthly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday nights. Food is provided. We focus on a specific topic to do with us men being better fathers, spouses, etc. with discussion on how that topic affects our mental health in a positive or negative way. We create a safe space for men to come and be real and to also have brothers uplift and support them! Men over the age of 18 are invited! Hope to see you there! 

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Affinity Circle

Kingsley Affinity Circles is part of a larger group called Placed-Based Healing Circles. We hold 6-week cohorts built to strengthen the community, and collectively discuss and work toward healing trauma.

We pool community subject matter experts to facilitate some of our domains. There is value in seeing local community members thrive in the areas we discuss.

Our Vision: To have a healthy thriving community where residents thrive, the community thrives and the residents are thriving in a vibrant community. Residents are more able to focus on the possibilities of success.

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