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Join Us for Kingsley's 1st Annual Sneaker Ball





You are invited to the 1st Annual Kingsley Sneaker Ball!

But what is a sneaker ball? 

A sneaker ball is fundraiser event where the theme is to dress up in your nicest attire (suits, dresses, etc.), but beneath it all you wear your favorite pair of sneakers!

The 21+ event will be June 28th from 8-11pm at Kingfly Spirits in the Strip District with a live performance from the Bill Henry Band! Keep an eye out for the raffle and silent auction as well.

Ticket Prices

Single $75

Couple $125

VIP Single $100

VIP Couple $150

Ticket covers food and open bar until 10pm.

Tickets sold online at the link below through June 14th.

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Outfit Inspiration

Become an Event Sponsor

Stepping into the Kingsley Association at 6435 Frankstown Avenue, one embarks on a journey through history and into the heart of a community pulsing with life. Founded in 1893, amidst Pittsburgh’s bustling industry and diverse cultures, Kingsley was conceived as a beacon of hope and unity. Here, in this modern era, the legacy thrives through vibrant programs like the Family Center and Teen L.E.A.D., spaces where generations meet, share, and grow.

Wandering through the facility, one can't help but feel the energy of collaboration and support. The gym, pool, and yoga studios are not just spaces for physical health but sanctuaries for community wellness, echoing the laughter and strides of those who came before. Governmental gatherings, fitness classes, and mentoring sessions paint a picture of a community in action, each activity a thread in the larger tapestry of Kingsley’s mission.

As our visitor moves through the halls, they witness the tangible impact of Kingsley’s work: parents receiving support, teenagers engaging in leadership training, seniors and youth exchanging wisdom. Each interaction, each program, bridges the gaps of race and ethnicity, standing as ground zero for social cohesion and innovation.

This narrative, set against the backdrop of Kingsley’s historical and ongoing contributions, invites all who enter to find a place within this legacy. It’s a call to action, not just to witness but to participate in the continuous shaping of a community where every individual, regardless of background, is valued and uplifted.

In this story of Kingsley, the visitor finds not just a center for activities but a home for purpose, connection, and a shared future. Here, in the heart of Pittsburgh’s East End, the Kingsley Association remains a testament to the power of collective action, a place where history and hope converge.

Event Sponsorship Tiers



  • Full-page ad in the event

  • Large company logo or family name on the Sponsorship Banner

  • Verbal recognition during KA Welcome

  • Dedicated sponsorship posts on social media

  • Ongoing recognition on messaging platforms

  • 2 Complimentary tickets

  • VIP Access

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  • Quarter-page ad in the event program

  • Small company logo on the Sponsorship Banner

  • Shared sponsorship posts on social media

  • 1 Complimentary ticket

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  • Half-page ad in the event program

  • Medium company logo on the Sponsorship Banner

  • Verbal recognition during KA Welcome

  • Shared sponsorship posts on social media

  • 2 Complimentary tickets

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  • Mention in the event program

  • Mention on the Sponsorship Banner

  • Shared sponsorship posts on social media

  • 1 Complimentary ticket

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Event Sponsor

Silent Auction Sponsor

If you are interested in donating a Silent Auction item, please contact

Krista Williamson at

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