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The Teen L.E.A.D. program emphasizes (Leadership. Education. Assistance. Development.) for youth ages 13-19. The purpose of the program is to develop a positive self-image in all participants. Teens will recognize leadership characteristics and will apply life skills learnings to better equip themselves for post-secondary life.

Students are surveyed pre and post program. After each session youth complete a reflections sheet so they can provide immediate feedback for staff and volunteers to disseminate. The surveys identify internal and external assets in numerous categories including Support, Empowerment, Boundaries/Expectations, Behavior, Constructive use of Time, Commitment to Learning, Positive Values, Social Competencies, and Positive Identity.

Teens meet in person three days per week from 4:00pm-6:00pm with identified days for tutoring, homework assistance, health & wellness, guest speakers, field trips, & development activities.  Snacks and meals are provided for the teens at each meeting.


The Kingsley Association is accepting applications from individuals that have an interest in working with their youth development team to facilitate programming beginning October 3rd, 2022. Contact Phil Williams at 412-661-8751 with all inquiries.

core 5 themes

Public speaking for teens

Teens will learn specific techniques to assist them in preparation and delivery of a quality speech. Teens will deliver a speech in front of their peers and adults and receive constructive feedback. This is a major skill that all teens need to improve upon as they embark upon life as adults.

Post-secondary preparation

Teens will receive assistance in preparing for college, trade school, workforce or any other field. Professionals from all walks will share tips and information with students.

Life Skills

Teens will be taught how to cook basic meals, clean, iron, wash clothes and perform other daily tasks that are often ignored.

Job preparation

Teens will learn interviewing skills and have mock sessions with adults with peer feedback. The purpose is to teach relaxation techniques and incorporate public speaking tips to ensure clear, concise answers when in an interview session.

Financial Literacy

Teens will be taught the basics of how to manage a checkbook and how to accurately record transactions to avoid overdraws. Usage of an ATM machine will be discussed as well as how to read and understand tax withholding on paychecks.

Additional themes

Along with the 5 core themes to the Teen L.E.A.D. program, there are eleven additional themes that are touched on throughout the program. While the Core 5 tend to be the main focus, we feel that the themes below deserve to be discussed as well. 

mental health

Teens will learn about the importance of having someone in their lives that they can share and openly converse with verbally. They will also learn about warning signs that may indicate they are having struggles with their mental health. Teaching point – many folks have mental health challenges; do not be ashamed to seek assistance.