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Your Support Makes an impact

Every day our impact is on display at The Kingsley Association.


We see it in every smile and every tear, every teenager’s basketball shoe, every silver sneaker and toddler's toe that hits the gym floor.


At Kingsley, our community is built on coming together and supporting each other, providing resources and a safe space to grow. Each day, we open our doors to our neighbors to provide support and be a bridge to better days.

Together we are building a responsive, 21st-century Kingsley and a network of caring people who want to give back to the Larimer/East End community, fulfilling our mission: Making a positive difference for youth and community is our crowning achievement.

Will you join us?


Your gift will help children, youth, and

people of all

ages lead more active, prosperous,

and connected lives.

In Person or via Mail

Visit us or mail a check to make a donation!


Our Address Is:

6435 Frankstown Avenue, Suite 201

Pittsburgh, PA 15206


Click the "Donate" button below to donate online.

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We are one of the United Way's Contributor's Choice Agencies 

Simply select the Kingsley Association, code 

#974627, on your pledge form

How to give:


Click the button below to fill out the Kingsley Volunteer Form! We will get back to you as you as we can.

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