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Jason Flowers

Jason Flowers is one of the leading experts on nonprofit fundraising development with over 16 years of experience at the realm of community-driven organizations. Today, he’s the executive director of Omicelo Cares, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit that helps create economic change in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods through specialized real estate education and supportive business programs. Jason brings incredible passion and a wealth of knowledge after serving in multiple executive roles along the east coast. During his 14 year career at the Boy Scouts of America, Jason was awarded the highest performance rating. From Atlanta to Pittsburgh, Jason personally recruited thousands of volunteers, directed more than 100 committees and managed to fundraise more than 20 million dollars for the Boy Scouts organization. He later served as the East End Cooperative Ministry’s Director of Fundraising Development and Public Relations and successfully spearheaded a corporate committee which led to annual campaign donations skyrocketing by 70-percent. As a dynamic speaker and change agent, Jason teaches the power of networking as well as the key factors to help persevere over challenging circumstances. Despite growing up in New York’s foster care system and experiencing homelessness as a teenager, Jason graduated from SUNY College, majored in business administration and built an admirable career that focuses on helping young people who may be facing similar obstacles. Jason credits his success to a range of community programs that offered mentorship, skills and resources during his high school years.

Term: 6/30/2023-6/30/2026 (2nd term)
Committee Assignments: Development

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