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Pamela Parks

Pamela Parks' journey through education and community involvement is a testament to her dedication and passion for making a difference. Hailing from the Hill District of Pittsburgh, specifically Sugartop, she received her foundational education from Madison Elementary School, Margaret Milliones Middle School, and the esteemed Schenley High School.

Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, Pamela earned her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Point Park College and pursued her master’s degree in educational leadership at Carlow College. Armed with her academic achievements, she embarked on a remarkable 25-year career within the Pittsburgh Public Schools district.

Pamela's tenure in education has been marked by a steadfast commitment to innovation and collaboration. For 15 years, she served as a dedicated teacher before transitioning into administrative roles, culminating in her current position at Pittsburgh Lincoln PreK-5 STEAM Academy. Here, she has championed cross-disciplinary programs, working together with colleagues, families, and community partners to foster holistic learning experiences for her students.

Pamela's collaboration with the many community partners for Lincoln School, has resulted in the creation of three short films, a published book, and an enriching summer program that expanded students' knowledge in the STEAM fields. Through this initiative, Pamela demonstrates her unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional education, instilling curiosity and a lifelong love of learning in her students.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Pamela remains deeply invested in community involvement. As a proud member of the Kingsley Associations board of directors, she actively integrates community resources into educational programs, aiming to extend the impact of education, mental health, and physical well-being beyond the school walls and into the broader community.

With unwavering passion and commitment, Pamela Parks continues to be a beacon of inspiration in the field of education, enriching the lives of students and communities alike. Her tireless efforts and innovative approach serve as a testament to the transformative power of education and community engagement.

Term: 8/1/2023-8/1/2025 (1st term)
Committee Assignments: Program

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