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Employee Spotlight: Ron Anger

Meet Ron Anger. Ron is the maintenance coordinator for the Kingsley Association, without him this place would not run nearly as smoothly. Ron does everything from helping keep the Kingsley Center clean to fixing necessary appliances to painting and even working with Habitat for Humanity. Basically, Ron is a jack of all trades.

He's been working here for about 7 months now and after asking him about his favorite part about working here, without hesitation Ron said, "The people." He loves meeting new people and appreciates the family environment amongst co-workers. He went on to describe the energy and the exciting environment that thrives within the Kingsley community.

In his free time, Ron is a family man. Whenever he can, he likes to spend time with his fiancé and their four children. Whether that is watching movies or playing games, it really doesn't matter to Ron as long as he is spending time with them.

That does beg the question though, what kind of movies and television show does Ron like to watch? The first thing he said was action, action movies is where it's all about. Recently, he's been really into watching the most recent Fast and Furious movie; F9. Ron says he can't help but watch it over and over again. He also mentioned his draw to comedy such as classic shows like Sanford and Son, as well as stand-up comedy specials by Kevin Hart.

Ron is also an avid Steelers fan and follows the NBA closely. He doesn't so much have a specific team to follow in the NBA, but follows certain players like Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

We also got to discuss places Ron has always wanted to visit; anywhere in the world. His first thought was Bora Bora, but then brought up Fiji since his daughter shows him a bunch of YouTube videos about the country.

Ron Anger is a vital part of the Kingsley Association community and we appreciate everything he does. Make sure to say hi next time you see him!

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