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Kingsley Association to host vaccine clinic

On December 20th from 2-4pm, the Kingsley Association is hosting its first COVID-19 vaccine clinic. We have been approved for funding to host the clinic through the COVID-19 LIVE PA Vaccine Grant. Whether you need the first, second or booster shot; we will be offering all three options at the clinic. Our clinic will also allow you to choose which of the three vaccines you would like to receive; those three being Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

We encourage you to make an appointment prior to coming in on Dec. 20th. To schedule an appointment, please call 833-653-0518 and ask for the Kingsley Association Vaccine Clinic.

If English is not your preferred language and you would like to schedule an appointment with an interpreter, please call 833-660-2416.

Keep in mind, if you are under 18 years of age, you will need parental consent.

Below, you will links to images that may help you in a few ways; including how to talk to family and friends about the COVID-19 vaccines, vaccine access and vaccine safety.

How to Talk to Friends and Family about COVID-19 Vaccines
Download PDF • 640KB

Vaccine Access
Download PDF • 555KB

Vaccine Safety
Download PDF • 557KB

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