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The Family Center's Night of Pampering

Last Thursday, the Family Center hosted a Night of Pampering for parents. For parents that have enrolled their families with the Family Center, they were treated to a night of relaxation with several activities to take part in.

The event was split into two rooms, one of those two rooms was the Kingsley Association's community room located on the first floor. When you first walked in, you found a masseuse to your left with her own massage chair. Parents took turns throughout the night receiving professional grade massages as one of the many activities.

Walking right, you would eventually bump into the Cookie in a Jar station. Parents that chose to participate poured ingredients into a jar in an artistic way. At the end, they had a colorful looking jar that could have been used for decoration or for cooking. To cook, the rest of the process is simple. Add some eggs and oil and you have the perfect batter for cookies.

Continuing our walk right, we bump into the in-chair yoga sessions. Here, participants learned and performed simple yoga techniques where they did not even need to leave the comfort of their chairs. No mats required!

On the left side of the room, the Family Center had a jewelry making station. With different combinations of beads and threads, parents were able to create their own necklaces and bracelets to their liking.

Heading upstairs, parents found a facial expert from Mary Kay. There parents learned the importance of skin care, facial cleansing and how to use each product for each circumstance. Participates even walked away with a little goodie bag full of skin care products.

To wrap up the night, the Family Center set up a table on the second floor where parents could pick up some snacks and refreshments to cap off their night of pampering.

Hats off to the Family Center for putting together a great event for the parents!

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